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What Is Casino And iGaming?

Continuing with DraftKings Life podcast miniseries, we chat with members across our verticals to discuss what makes our individual products and offerings unique. In this episode, our hosts, Michael and Meghan, chat with Signe and Shay on the Casino and iGaming vertical. Shay is the Senior Director of Engineering on the Casino side, and Signe is the Senior Director of iGaming Marketing and Operations.

Let’s dive right in.

Our Casino and iGaming vertical is one of the fastest-growing verticals at DraftKings, seamlessly connecting between our suite of products, such as Daily Fantasy Sports and Sportsbook. Everything is integrated into one centralized ecosystem to create the best user experience. Our team has created an exciting lineup of new products for gamification. The DraftKings Casino and iGaming product has an expansive range of casino games, and new ones are frequently added to expand our offerings continuously. 

We remained true to our core when building this vertical - the DraftKings Casino product is the result of many teams collaborating to bring the website and app to life. To name a few, the Engineering, Analytics, and Regulatory teams all work together to ensure that we are building the best product possible and maintaining Responsible Gaming best practices. 

One of our most recent and exciting launches was our Rocket game, an exclusive original on DraftKings. On the engineering side, the team worked on a combined tech stack of Node.js, .NET, Python, and other proprietary frameworks to give this game its unique gamification. The game’s success is the culmination of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

As DraftKings continues to roll out new games in different states, the Casino and iGaming vertical growth is virtually limitless. There is no limit to what we’ll create next. If newness inspires you, come find your next role on the iGaming side!

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