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What Is Sportsbook?

We are excited to share more from this miniseries centered around our core verticals. Today, we take a deep dive into our Sportsbook product to learn more about our unique offerings and the technology behind this vertical. In the post, we connect with Lexi, Director of Sportsbook Product in New York City, and Tom, Director of Sportsbook Operations in Las Vegas, to discuss the work that goes into building a world-class product. 

The DraftKings Sportsbook product allows sports fans to place bets on any sports events, even non-sports ones, such as major awards shows. The landscape of sports betting has changed over recent years since we launched this vertical in 2018. As we continue to expand into new states as they become regulated, collaboration and execution become even more critical to maintain operational excellence. 

There are a lot of variables for a product like Sportsbook, available on both desktop and mobile apps. Each sport has its own set of rules, and customers can essentially bet on any factors within the game so that the betting can become a game within a game. All these possibilities in a single game’s outcome are what keep our Sportbooks unique and fresh to our growing customer base.

Things move at lightning speed at DraftKings, so cross-functional work is paramount to Sportsbook's ongoing rollouts. Engineering, Sports Trading, Analytics, Marketing, Customer Experience, Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance teams are just some of the core functions that Lexi and Tom work with every day to ensure that DraftKings is set up for success for each event.

DraftKings’ Sportsbook is the first fully integrated sports betting product in the US, meaning there's no third-party dependencies. We have full autonomy to execute an idea from start to finish. This ownership allows our global team to generate new ideas and own those solutions, always keeping the customer and user experience in mind.

Our teams put in a lot of hours to ensure we have a unique, immersive, and best-in-class product. Our focus is always on the customer - that singular mission is how we build the best user experience into each product. 


“The collaboration that we have between various teams is fantastic. Nothing is really done in a vacuum. Everyone is willing to listen to different points of view, whether you're experienced within the sports betting space or not.” - Tom

“We take a huge amount of pride in the product we're producing. You don't have to be a sports fan to work here. But certainly, the people that we work with are super smart, and just a lot of fun to work with and problem solve with.” - Lexi


If you love solving creative puzzles in a collaborative environment, join our growing team and be part of the solution. Listen to the Sportsbook podcast episode to learn more!


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