The goal was
a game.
We created an industry.

And this is just the beginning.

Culture of Ideas

Driven by collaboration

We believe bringing talented people together and letting them do what they love not only makes us a better company, it makes us better people. DraftKings is a place where innovation is driven by teamwork and pioneers. See how we're having fun and changing an industry.

Open Jobs


6 openings +

Data is at the heart of everything we do. We use analytical thinking and collaboration to turn data into tangible actions that improve our business. The Analytics team is one of the first points of contact for users and is in a position to have a huge impact on their experience.


Business Development

1 opening +

Business development is all about relationship development. Our teams build partnerships from the ground up, creating custom digital marketing solutions and driving revenues.


Design & Creative

4 openings +

Through art, design, copy, and other creative mediums, our Design & Creative team shapes how the world experiences our products and engages our fans in authentic ways.


Engineering & Technology

32 openings +

Our Engineering teams build dynamic solutions for our biggest challenges. Data and analytics are at the heart of everything we do and combining those tools with our passion for new technology, we bring sports fans closer to the games they love.


General & Administrative

11 openings +

We're growing rapidly and our General & Admin teams provides critical support along the way. They help drive our culture, make sure we have the best people on our teams, and keep things running smoothly. They're pretty great at it, too.



10 openings +

Combining analytics and creativity, our Marketing teams are the master storytellers of DraftKings. They design content to drive fan engagement and cultivate partnerships outside the company to set us up for success.



0 opening +

We’re taking daily fantasy sports content and programming to the next level with our Media teams. From contests to live shows and productions, we’re creating another aspect of DFS that hasn’t existed before. Sound like we’re a good fit for you?

We currently have no openings on this team. We’re always growing so check again soon!



3 openings +

Compelling platforms and products originate here. Our Product teams build the roadmap for our future and create engaging and fun customer experiences.


Sportsbook & Casino

4 openings +

Our Sportsbook & Casino team is bringing online and retail sports betting to the DraftKings community. By building these teams with top talent in analytics, product operations, and player development, we continue to bring fans closer to the games they love.


Innovation is the game we play.

Benefits & Perks

Live well. Work happy.

We're truly a people-centered company. We know the best way to grow our business is to invest in and support our people, so we provide a healthy workplace, great benefits, and perks so you can focus on your work.

Our Work

So much more than a game

Our teams and products are shaping a rapidly growing industry. At DraftKings, we pride ourselves on being an original, continuous game changer. We encourage a collaborative and fun work environment where innovation is a way of life.