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Securing & Safeguarding Customer Play and Pay

When working in the world of gaming, our customers play and withdraw money in an instant in our apps every day. One department that oversees and makes sure our customers' information is safe and secure is our Risk Management team. For this episode of the DraftKings Life Podcast, we sit down with two Risk Operations team rockstars, Amelia and Darzon, to uncover their personal career growth and what excites them about working at DraftKings. 


Meet Amelia and Darzon! 

Amelia, our Risk Payments Operations Manager, is a leader in helping handle deposit and withdrawal issues. From ensuring regulatory compliance to troubleshooting payment errors using top-notch identity verification and transaction monitoring systems, Amelia and her team are on it. 

Darzon, a Senior Risk Operations Associate, was one of the first Risk Associates. He shares his career journey, starting in retail loss prevention and then moving to DraftKings. His team focuses on verifying players and preventing fraud. 

Started From The Beginning 

Amelia’s journey is a testament to growth and versatility. Starting as a Senior Withdrawal Agent, she was in charge of managing both deposit and withdrawal operations. Her experience from working in brick-and-mortar casinos translated seamlessly into the dynamic world of online gaming. 

Darzon started as one of the first 30 Risk Associates on the team. His dedication and hard work were two main reasons for his rise from an associate to a senior role in just two and a half years. 

The Heartbeat of DraftKings

What sets the Risk Operations team at DraftKings apart? It’s their understanding of how their roles align with company goals. Amelia loves knowing her work directly impacts both the company’s success and the players’ safety. Darzon finds excitement in tracking down fraud groups and enjoys the ever-evolving challenges of the gaming industry.

Both Amelia and Darzon emphasize the importance of collaboration. The Risk Operations team works seamlessly with other departments, ensuring a balanced approach to risk and operational efficiency. Their collective goal is to put the player first, navigating complex regulatory landscapes while maintaining a stellar user experience.

The DraftKings Difference

Why do Amelia and Darzon love working at DraftKings? It’s the give-back culture. From swag gifts to heartfelt messages from leadership, their work is appreciated here. Fun team events and a supportive work-life balance make even the busiest times enjoyable. Amelia and Darzon appreciate the freedom to voice their ideas and the opportunity to explore different career paths within the company.

Their advice to potential candidates? Don’t hesitate—apply now


If you're looking for a place where your work matters, your growth is supported, and every day brings a new challenge, DraftKings is the place for you. Join us, and be a part of the team that’s changing the game.

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