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Navigating Market Success: A Trader's Journey

At DraftKings, our Trading team guides the dynamic iGaming landscape through adaptability, a strategic mindset, and resilience in the ever-changing trading world. See how Alexander Hristevski, Manager of Trading Operations at DraftKings, handles challenges and thrives in the exciting realm of Trading at DraftKings!


Tell us about yourself and your role at DraftKings. 

Hey there! I'm Alexander, and my past 11 years at DraftKings have been remarkable. I started as a Content Trader, then transitioned to the role of Bet Trader before climbing the ranks to become a Bet Traders Team Leader. Currently, I am the Manager of Trading Operations - Bets. 

Fun fact - my initial connection with DraftKings came through a friend's referral, and I've come to cherish the vibrant work environment and my supportive teammates. Throughout the years, my team and I have grown into an incredibly close friend group. Looking back, it's been a fantastic, rewarding journey for me, and I look forward to many more years ahead.

What do you love most about DraftKings and your job?

The environment at DraftKings is truly unique - tackling and overcoming daily challenges add an exhilarating touch. The team I'm privileged to work with is exceptional; they’re a group of dedicated individuals who consistently strive for excellence. Last year was a wild one - lots of challenges but full of shared achievements. Moments like these make me super proud to be part of this crew. It's not just about the victories; it's also about the connections and bonds we build along the way. It keeps us all motivated to keep raising the bar and ensuring we’re all growing and evolving not just as a team but as individuals, too.

How does being part of a global environment contribute to your sense of belonging and professional growth at DraftKings?

The global collaboration at DraftKings provides endless learning! Daily conversations with UK and US teammates give me invaluable insights from decades of iGaming industry expertise. Engaging with these sharp minds worldwide feels like attending a masterclass on betting behaviors and market trends. Learning from diverse backgrounds fuels continuous growth and innovation. Embracing this global atmosphere isn't just work; it's an opportunity to enhance cultural awareness and adapt to various scenarios. In today's world, that's irreplaceable! Being on Team DraftKings means personal and professional growth in the ever-evolving tech and digital entertainment industry.

How do you navigate and overcome roadblocks?

I’m fortunate to have a supportive circle at work and in my personal life; I often turn to them when I need to tackle something challenging. I have a fear of flying, which has always held me back. When I had the opportunity to meet my Las Vegas teammates, I knew it was time to face this head-on. My team and my spouse went above and beyond by walking me through various relaxation techniques and keeping me distracted during the long flight. 

Needless to say, I couldn’t have traveled to the DraftKings office in Las Vegas and had that remarkable experience without my support system. That journey taught me that any obstacle can transform into a triumph with teamwork, effective communication, and a gentle push.

What’s exciting about being a manager of a large team? 

Leading a large team feels like diving into a world of endless possibilities. In my managerial role, I get to make changes that help our team evolve, foster growth, and orchestrate collective successes. Embracing both challenges and successes has been profoundly fulfilling on personal and professional levels for me. Our bond as a team enhances my work experience, not just as individuals who share the same space at work. We face challenges, brainstorm solutions over coffee, and celebrate victories together. Our consistent communication and collaboration with our global teams add a layer of synergy to the dynamic.

At DraftKings, The Crown is Yours. How do you own the crown in your career? 

The phrase 'The Crown Is Yours' is not just something I say - it’s the way I work. For me, it means two things:

  1. To treat every customer like royalty.
  2. To proudly own and take responsibility for my work and projects at DraftKings.

We’re wearing the crown every step of the way - both in our individual work and in the way we engage with our customers. 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career at DraftKings?

Here at DraftKings, we focus on making a significant impact, and we like to push the limits of innovation. Being part of our team means immersing yourself in a collaborative environment where your ideas matter. We prioritize growth opportunities and ensure you feel appreciated at every turn. Now is the right time to join us - believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this journey!


Ready to take your career to the next level? Check out our opportunities in Bulgaria and take part in writing your own success story!

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