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The Journey Of A DraftKings Software Architect


Growing in your career can look different for everyone. You may take on the challenge of managing others, helping to mentor and foster a culture of learning, or you may rise to the challenge of being an individual contributor and take on more responsibilities. 

As part of their ongoing career development, we want to understand how our teammates wish to maximize their impact at DraftKings.

Martin Kostov, a Software Architect, is an excellent example of a teammate who has embraced learning at every phase of his career. He tried the managerial path and then pivoted to work more with our technology as an architect. In his ten years at DraftKings, Martin has seen so much growth, not just with our products and the addition of new features, apps, and technologies but also with his professional skills. 

Martin joins the DraftKings Life podcast to walk us through some of his most exciting projects and why he enjoys working with our technology. If you want to learn more, Martin has published a few articles on our DraftKings Engineering Blog. You can check out our open opportunities as well.


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