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Accelerate Your Career With DraftKings

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Software Engineering Program, set to begin in September 2024. This program offers a unique opportunity for passionate and talented university graduates, entry-level specialists, and individuals making career transitions to join our team in Plovdiv. Participants will immerse themselves in a dynamic environment at the forefront of sports entertainment, working on innovative projects and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Our program is designed to provide extensive training, mentorship, and growth opportunities over a six-month period through workshops, hands-on projects, and shadowing experienced engineers. 

Meet Stan and Boris, our Software Engineering Program Leads, and learn more insights about the Software Engineering Program at DraftKings.


Share about your experience, your role at DraftKings, and your role in the DraftKings Software Engineering Program.

Stan: My journey at DraftKings started as a trader. My career in software development began by joining the Software Engineering Program back in the day. Now, more than 10 years later, I am leading a team in the Trading Engineering Unit, providing solutions to people I once worked alongside. I am one of the mentors organizing and participating in this year's program.

Boris: Several years ago, I began my adventure at DraftKings as a software developer. These days, I'm responsible for easing the development process by participating in architectural design, assisting other developers, and reviewing their work. In addition, I continue to write code to refactor, optimize, and simplify our services. In our Software Engineering Program, I'm involved in all technical aspects such as teaching, interviewing, task creation, and material preparation.

What are we looking for when it comes to hiring young talent? 

Stan: Our unit in Plovdiv has a history of hiring young talent and working with them to build their careers as software engineers. At DraftKings, especially in Plovdiv, we are more than just a team of engineers. Many of us have been together for an average of seven years, and many started in the Software Engineering Program. This highlights how valuable and important the program is for us.

When it comes to hiring young talent, we’re looking for a solid foundation in core programming principles and an initial set of communication skills; however; what we prioritize the most is the desire to develop as a professional. If a person is motivated and open to learning, there are no boundaries for their path forward. 

Why is DraftKings committed to developing young talent?

Boris: Typically, we target experienced professionals, but to build a healthy team microclimate, we strive to provide a wider range of opportunities for growth. We realize the best way to do this is by hiring highly motivated young people and give them the opportunity to learn from our experienced developers. That's why we created the DraftKings Software Engineering Program. With this program, we focus on developing young talent through comprehensive training and mentorship.

Share more about the DraftKings Software Engineering Program and what people are going to learn during the program.

Boris: Their success is our success. We will teach participants everything they need to master the art of coding and how to be an excellent team member. Those in the program will learn to use modern technologies and best practices in software development.

The program lasts six months. The first three to four weeks involve intensive learning focused on building services, using new and proven market technologies. After that, participants will rotate through different teams, gaining valuable experience from each.

What are the requirements to enter the program?

Stan: If someone is motivated to become a software engineer and has invested time in learning the principles of OOP, has some project experience, and is ready to work with the latest technologies, then I highly recommend submitting an application!

What happens after the end of the program?

Boris: We strive to hire everyone who successfully completes the program. Knowing everything perfectly is not essential; if we see the spark in your eyes and your passion for learning, you are the person we need!


Apply now to join an extraordinary journey where your ideas and skills will shape the future of our industry. Applications for the September Software Engineering Program are open until July 14, 2024 - submit yours today!


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