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Our Benefits: The Significance of Parental Leave

At DraftKings, we know that benefits are critical to our team members’ well-being and work-life balance. Having the right benefits is especially important for new parents adjusting to an enormous life change. 

One of our many amazing benefits includes a 14-week paid parental leave for all global team members. While there is no universal approach to supporting team members starting a monumental chapter as new parents, we believe giving them time to bond with their newest family member is a crucial starting point.

Hear from three team members at DraftKings who recently shared their stories about becoming new parents, including their anxieties, excitement, and career highlights since returning from their parental leave.

Tiffany, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Business Partner 
Tiffany, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Business Partner

Before embarking on maternity leave, Tiffany found herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions, balancing the anticipation of motherhood with anxieties about her career and future. Yet, upon her return, she stepped into a new role at DraftKings, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead.

"As a woman, taking maternity leave held just as much excitement as anxiety. I had feelings of uncertainty around my career (on top of taking care of a new human). Parental leave can be seen as "taking a step out" of the workforce and sometimes halting future growth. The leaders who continue to support your aspirations and champion your growth when you're not in the room make it easier to focus solely on the new role of 'parent.' Thank you to my amazing team members for the support! 

After a lot of physical, mental, and emotional growth in 2023, I'm excited to start this year in a new role as an Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging (IEB) Business Partner at DraftKings! The team has so much energy and passion around creating a culture of belonging - I can't wait to see what we accomplish this year!" - Tiffany, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging Business Partner.

Freddy, Manager of Employee Relations
Freddy, Manager of Employee Relations

Accepting a role at DraftKings a year and a half ago, Freddy was drawn not just by the career prospects but by the company's supportive stance on diverse family structures, offering benefits for adoption, fostering, and parental leave. This inclusive approach resonated with Freddy's journey towards starting a family.

"A new job is not just about a new title or bump in pay, but it is about what the organization does to support you as an individual not only when you're on the clock but when you're off the clock, building or being with your family. I am so happy that I work for DraftKings since they know families look different for everyone and have benefits that fit diverse families.

A year and a half ago, when I accepted a role at DraftKings, I wanted to ensure their benefits matched the ones I was leaving behind. I was searching for an organization that kept diversity in mind regarding their benefits and heavily weighted adoption assistance and parental leave. 

The main factor that set DraftKings apart was their understanding that families are built in various ways; they offered exceptional adoption assistance and competitive parental leave. Not only can I take parental leave for the birth of a child, but for placement for adoption and fostering. My husband and I have been on a journey for adoption for over a year, and in the latter half of 2023, we decided to become licensed foster parents. The week before Christmas, we were blessed with a foster placement of a newborn. I am so happy that I have the support at work that allowed me to take time to care for this newborn immediately. Thank you, DraftKings!" - Freddy, Manager of Employee Relations.

Rebecca, Senior Government Affairs Manager
Rebecca, Senior Government Affairs Manager

Marking her fourth anniversary at DraftKings, Rebecca embarks on a new journey as a working mother, grateful for the company's 14-week maternity leave policy that allowed her to spend quality time with her newborn son. 

"I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary at DraftKings, which coincides with another chapter of my professional life - that of a working mother. I can't describe my appreciation for the company's generous parental leave policy. I've spent nearly five months with my son, and I've felt incredible support from my managers and team before and after my leave started, even if it was a gentle reminder to stop thinking about work while out on maternity leave. 

We've been enjoying the Maine weather! Preparing to go back, I have reflected on my opportunities at DraftKings, including the passage of two sports wagering legalization bills in 2023 for North Carolina and Vermont. I know this year will bring unexpected personal and professional surprises and challenges, and where the two will meet. However, I can't wait to be back advocating for the passage of legal online gaming across the country, knowing I have support the whole way. I look forward to being back this year!" - Rebecca, Senior Government Affairs Manager.


As our team continues to grow, we’re keeping our eye on progress and continually making changes to best suit the needs of our global teammates. Want to learn more about all the other benefits we offer? Check out our Benefits page and podcast!

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