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A Guide for Prospective DraftKings Teammates

At DraftKings, we value initiative, curiosity, and preparation. Whether you're entering a first-round interview, an onsite panel, or preparing for a more advanced stage conversation– preparation will help you be successful. Taylor, a Talent Acquisition Partner, walks us through her tips and advice for candidates. 


Be Ready to Talk About Your Accomplishments 

Preparation starts with the basics: Taylor says it's as simple as writing your answers or success metrics down so you don't forget! As you prepare for your interview with DraftKings, especially for roles within our VIP department, jot down key questions you wish to ask, highlight significant pieces of your experience, and outline your strengths and accomplishments. This method helps ensure you don't miss showcasing any critical elements of your background that align with the needs of the role.

For example, many of our roles require managing a significant book of business and fostering relationships with high-value customers. Demonstrating your prior success in these areas can impact your interview outcomes. Always remember that the details you prepare can set the stage for a compelling discussion about your potential contributions to the team.

Understanding Team Dynamics

Understanding the team you will join is as crucial as highlighting your qualifications. Inquiring about the team's composition, the backgrounds of potential colleagues, and how your unique skills can complement the existing dynamics shows you're being proactive. This level of insight is particularly valued across various departments, such as sales, customer service, or any other part of our organization.

Career Growth and Development

We're committed to the career progression of our team members. We often discuss potential career paths during interviews to help candidates understand their potential growth trajectory. Whether starting as a VIP host and progressing to an executive or exploring opportunities in sales and operations, we ensure that our team members are aware of multiple pathways to success within our company.

The Interview: A Two-Way Street

Remember, an interview is a two-way street. While we are evaluating your fit for the role, you should also assess how DraftKings aligns with your career aspirations. We encourage you to ask about the company culture, the specific team you will be working with, and the expectations and challenges of the role. By understanding these aspects, you can better envision your future with us and how you can contribute to our collective success.

Your interview with DraftKings is more than just a meeting; it's the first step towards a new and exciting career chapter. By coming prepared, showing genuine interest in our team and culture, and demonstrating how you can add value, you set the stage for an enjoyable interview process and, ultimately, a fulfilling career. 


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