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Will You Build the Next New Feature?

Meet Edward! He’s an Engineering Manager on our Mobile team. His team plays a big role in creating the new features our customers use every day. This is a great time to join our team as we finish up a company-wide migration project. We’ve moved our products from Xamarin and built our apps on Swift for IOS and Kotlin for Android. Edward works on both platforms (IOS & Andriod), and talks about why he enjoys building our products. 


What’s your favorite part of your job? 

Seeing the amount of collaboration that happens, not just within my team, but also with external teams. It’s outstanding. It doesn't matter if you're a back-end team, web team, or a native team, we all come together to work on different mechanisms or special features to build out the best user experience that we can.

Why did you want to work on our products?

For me, I'm a big sports person; I've always enjoyed sports and played growing up. Knowing the industry that DraftKings is in, there are a lot of unique problems that you encounter and solve on a day-to-day basis.

What makes your work exciting? 

There's always something happening in the background. Product teams are constantly working together to plan out the next big thing for DraftKings. 

The people also play an integral part. There are so many smart individuals here who have so much knowledge to contribute to the overall product and success of the company. You can go to any corner of the business and find someone whom you can ask questions and get good answers from. 

You’re on the Platform team, but we also have Sportsbook and Casino Mobile engineers - what are the differences and what are the similarities?

The Platform team is in a unique position. We're building features and mechanisms that are used across all our different applications, whereas native developers working on Sportsbook or Casino are building features that are targeted for that application. We’re really looking at the big picture for our apps and seeing what is needed that can be utilized across all our products. 

What’s the pace of projects and workflow?  

The proper term is probably aggressive patience. I would say we are very aggressive and we move fast. We adjust to the sports calendar when we need to but we are always moving and trying to innovate for the next upcoming sports season. We're always on our toes and we're willing to pivot when we need to. Just like sports, we do have our off-season too. This is when we can slow down the tempo and address any bugs or work on any technology that we want to test for the upcoming season. 

At DraftKings, The Crown Is Yours. How do you own the crown in your career? 

It's really taking ownership of what you're doing. It's moving with intention and taking control of your destiny. At the end of the day, you're in control of where you want to go and the person you want to be. DraftKings really gives you the opportunity to do that, whether it's through team camaraderie, soft skill development, or technical work. Whatever it might be, we give you that chance to take that crown and own it. 


If you’re looking for a place where you want to be challenged and grow past whatever you thought was possible, then DraftKings is truly a place for you. 

Ready to join the team? Check out our open roles. Learn more about our Mobile team by listening to our DraftKings Life podcast and reading our Engineering blog


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