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Optimizing Our Apps On the Mobile Team

What does it mean to build the future? For Nicole on the Mobile team, it means never settling and always keeping an eye out for continuous product and feature improvements to enhance the experience for our customers. Since joining DraftKings as a Senior Software Engineer, Nicole has blended her passion for sports and coding into building and modernizing our Sportsbook app. Keep reading to learn more about Nicole and the Mobile team.


Tell us about yourself and your role at DraftKings.

My name is Nicole, and I work on the native Android Sportsbook team at DraftKings. I’ve worked in the native Android development space for five years and joined DraftKings last January to contribute to the modernization of the Sportsbook app. I’m based in Seattle and work remotely with a team across the U.S.

What influenced your decision to join DraftKings?

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to combine my love of sports with my work. Having the opportunity to work at DraftKings meant I would work directly with code again and experience working within a larger ecosystem with other engineers and sports enthusiasts. 

Can you explain what Mobile Engineering is and what your work on the team is?

As part of the Mobile Engineering team, I work on the betting experience for customers who access DraftKings through our mobile app. DraftKings has several apps that customers can use to bet and game on, including the DraftKings Sportsbook app. 

The Sportsbook app was initially built in Xamarin, and my work involves migrating its components to Kotlin and Compose. Moving from Xamarin, which builds cross-platform apps, to native Android allows us to take advantage of unique Android features and improve the overall performance and functionality of the app. As we migrate these components and continue to make improvements, it’s essential to maintain the same ease of use and familiarity for the end users. 

During my time here, I’ve worked on migrations for the live in-game, league, and event pages. These pages share similarities so we can scale and deliver an optimized and consistent experience across our products to our customers.

How does the team work together to bring the best-in-class products to our customers?

We frequently collaborate across the Mobile teams to define best practices and share what we’ve learned. Since multiple teams may be working on different components of the app, we ensure we’re applying those lessons across the board. Especially when working with Compose and newer Android technologies, I've grown and learned a lot from working with my peers on other teams. Currently, we’re looking for new ways to improve performance on the native pages, especially around image loading. Sportsbook processes and displays a lot of time-sensitive information, so building a high-performance app is crucial.

What gets you excited about the work you do?

My team also shares my passion for continuous improvement and modernization. Every day, I'm designing something new with the end-user in mind. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work on modern Android development and learn and build out better architecture patterns for the Sportsbook product.

What should teammates expect when they join the Mobile team?

I encourage new teammates to learn about the components they’re working on and then get comfortable with the app as a whole. Expect to be highly involved throughout the different processes and phases of app and feature development on a regular basis. We're always looking for improvements and advancements across our apps, so don't be afraid to speak up and voice your ideas, perspectives, and share feedback.


Ready to bring your best ideas to the table? Learn more about our Engineering team and check out open Native Engineering roles.

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