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Why Our Products Are A Dream For Mobile Engineers


As a mobile-first company, we offer a platform where product-focused engineers can build impressive applications, grow their skills, and engage with a community of players who appreciate their work.

Working at DraftKings is often described as a dream for many product-focused iOS or Android engineers. 

"You go into this career wanting to build something that people actually use in their hands," Tumri, a Senior Software Engineer, explains. This is the essence of what we do here - our Mobile Team empowers engineers to have a tangible impact on products used by millions. We’re not just tweaking small code algorithms; we are creating something meaningful. 

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Impactful Work and Ownership

At DraftKings, every engineer has the opportunity to own their work. This sense of ownership and responsibility is what drives our all teammates to innovate and push boundaries. Engineers take charge of their careers, advocate for themselves, and embrace challenges. 

Why Join Now?

The excitement of working on products like our fantasy iOS apps or the innovative Pick Six app is just the beginning. With a focus on Swift, modern technologies, and a move towards owning our tech stack fully, the opportunity for engineers to grow and excel in their careers is boundless. We're not a ticket-pushing company, engineers here really care about the end result and want our customers to enjoy the apps they are using. 

The Crown Is Yours

At DraftKings, the crown truly is yours. It symbolizes the empowerment, responsibility, and opportunity each member of our team holds. Whether you're building new features, launching groundbreaking products, or contributing to a culture of innovation, your work has the power to influence the future of digital entertainment.

As we continue to lead in the mobile gaming and sports betting industry, there's no better time to join our Mobile Engineering team. If you're a product-focused engineer passionate about building impactful, user-centered products, DraftKings is where you want to be. Join our team today.


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