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Why DraftKings’ Products Are Exhilarating To Tackle

The great thing about the sports calendar? It never stops. 

Big sporting events bring out our passion and energy at DraftKings. Being a sports and entertainment technology company makes the game even more exciting for our engineers. Like the event itself, this is a big moment for many teams where they can see their code perform under pressure and see their impact on our gaming apps. 

The NFL Football Season is one of the busiest times of the year when engineers see how their code can handle massive spikes in traffic and how new features will perform. It’s a team effort monitoring and checking our systems to ensure our customers have the best experience possible. From Plovdiv, Bulgaria, to Las Vegas, Nevada, our teams collaborate and watch all their innovative ideas play out on our Sportsbook, Casino, and Fantasy products. 

Josh, Director of our Incident and Problem Management team, says he enjoys working with a global team because everyone brings a different perspective, background, and experience when working with our tools and technology. 

“I think any engineer would be lucky to be here,” Josh said. “There's a lot of opportunity to come in and contribute with new ideas. We're constantly growing and changing as a company, so I think it's really cool to be a part of that.” 

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