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Engineering Implementation On Sportsbook

Our global team of engineers is working together to build the best-in-class products for our customers. In today’s post, we talk to Omar (he/him), a Lead Software Developer working from our Sofia office in Bulgaria. He works on the front end of the Sportsbook vertical and discusses what drew him to DraftKings after his move from Cuba.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and when you joined DraftKings. 

Hello, my name is Omar. I'm a Lead Software Developer from Cuba living in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I have been part of DraftKings since December 2020, when I joined as a Senior Software Engineer. When I'm not working, you can find me watching a StarCraft 2 tournament or playing some Nintendo Switch game.


What do you work on at DraftKings?

Currently, I work on the DraftKings Sportbook Product, mainly on the front end side of things. Behind the scenes, I’m part of the team that works on the bet slip implementation. On Sportsbook, the bet slip function almost acts as a shopping cart, allowing players to compare bets between states. This implementation was incredible to work on, and the functionality will grow as we continue expanding to other states and regions.


How did you get into this space? What drew you to DraftKings?

I was searching for a larger company with groundbreaking tech and unique products, a place where I could solve complex challenges and grow professionally. I wanted to work at an established company with the resources that would allow my work to impact millions of users. A workplace with great people and a collaborative culture is invaluable to me. I can confidently say joining DraftKings was a good decision in those regards. 


What’s the most exciting thing about your role that others may not know? 

I have the privilege to work with a fantastic team. We get to be creative when solving complex problems, and that end solution will impact millions of users. We have complete ownership of our work, so we’re free to trial new ideas and watch them come to life through the collaborative nature of our organization.


What helps you succeed in your job? 

First of all, a good cup of coffee to start the morning, the incredible rapport and communication between my colleagues, and solid knowledge of all things related to web development. Technology is constantly changing, so an innate curiosity is a must.


What are you excited about for the future of DraftKings?

Everyone in the company is extremely excited about our next performance in the next NFL season. We all put in a lot of hours to make the season a success, to bring our customers the best user experience. I’m excited to see all the extraordinary things we’ll build this year to deliver our users the best gaming experience.

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