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What’s It Like Working On Our VIP Team?

“As we continue to launch in new states…we are just getting started. There’s so much more to go.” -Alexa, VIP Activation Manager. 

This episode of the DraftKings Life Podcast gives you a front-row seat to learn all about the team that prioritizes the player experience. The VIP team is responsible for retaining and acquiring DraftKings' top clientele. 

Through authentic relationship building, their goal is to provide a world-class experience and to continue growing DraftKings’ customer base. We sat down with Jordan and Alexa, the Senior Manager and Manager on the VIP Activation team, to hear their stories about their work and the impact they’ve made.

One thing about the VIP team is that there is a unique sense of camaraderie throughout this department. While there are several roles and titles with various responsibilities, there is one common goal. It’s fast-paced and competitive, and there are many perks to the job, like working the biggest sporting events of the year. 

If you’re interested in sales, marketing, and strategic partnerships, this could be the team for you! Don’t miss out on your opportunity. Check out our open positions.

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