Culture at DK

Our Values

How we make an impact

We’re more than relaxed offices and cool perks. Our commitment to our fans, each other, and ourselves is what inspires us to do our best work.

You've got ideas. We're listening

There’s not much use in hiring the best people if we’re not open to hearing their ideas, so our promise to you is open doors and open minds. Join us today and shape our future.

Invested in you

We want you to be the best possible version of yourself. We offer great benefits, tuition reimbursement for continued education, discounts at local gyms, unlimited vacation, and more.

The DK Community

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We invented the game inside the game, but we’re a tech company first and foremost. If you’re a lifelong sports fan, you’ll love working here. If you don’t really care about sports, you’ll love working here.

Where you can be you

Collaborative Spirit

Our work requires us to build products quickly and solve challenges immediately. To do this, we foster an environment where you feel comfortable sharing your ideas and working together to give our customers a flawless experience.

Drafting a Team

Who you work with can make a job truly special. Being talented is a prerequisite; we want people who enjoy building meaningful, positive relationships. To us, It's more than a job.