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Day in the Life with Nate Brown

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Continuing with our Day In the Life series, we sit down with Nate Brown (he/him) from our Customer Experience team so he can walk us through his day-to-day. For Nate, providing a fantastic user experience is crucial, but fostering a team atmosphere where they collectively celebrate their success is equally important.


Tell me about your role. Where are you located?

My name is Nate Brown, and I am a Sportsbook Team Lead for Customer Experience (CX) and work out of the Boston office. I oversee a team of Sportsbook CX Associates and Seniors. My responsibility is to help coach, monitor quality, and support anything my team may need. My daily goal is to provide the team with the necessary tools to give our users a world-class service to enhance their experience with DraftKings through advocacy.

First thing you do when you log into work?

When I sign onto work, the first thing I do is go through Slack and emails to catch up on any important updates I may have missed while offline. When I am fully caught up with CX matters, I check in with my team, individually or as a group. As the day unfolds, I will share necessary updates to keep us all aligned to provide the best user experience.

What does the rest of your day look like?

My additional responsibilities include answering user questions, helping our VIP users, reviewing email responses from my reports, creating knowledge content for my team and department, etc. Each day can vary greatly. However, I am always looking for new ways to put associates on my team in the best position for success and help CX provide the best service for our users.  

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite part of the job is the common goal my team shares. It's terrific achieving a personal goal, but when your goals are accomplished with others, it creates a team atmosphere like no other. The impact and support we give to our customers are always present. Each interaction we have with our users is an opportunity to solidify or create new loyalty with the DraftKings products. This shared sentiment within Customer Experience establishes a culture of advocacy externally and internally.

How do you unwind after hours?

After work, I try and get out and do some physical activity. Whether going to the gym, going for a walk, or playing softball in my rec league, I think exercise is one of my favorite ways to unwind mentally and physically.


If you want to join an amazing Customer Experience team, such as Nate's, we think you'll like it here at DraftKings. We have another Day In The Life post with Lorena on the Fraud team. Apply today and find out what we're all about!