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How to Become a Software Engineer

DraftKings Life


At DraftKings, we value creative freedom and collaboration - our Engineering team has a blog of their own where they discuss their day-to-day and passion projects. Find out what innovation looks like from the people who build our tools.

The path to becoming a software engineer can seem very rigid and sequential but as one engineer quickly discovered, learning and growth are not linear. James Proulx, an Engineer in our DraftKings Boston office, realized that he learned best by doing and developed the most growth by making mistakes along the way. 

In his story, James opens up about some of the roadblocks he has faced, how he overcame his Imposter Syndrome by proposing a solution to drastically improve efficiency for his team, and advice he has for folks who might be considering a career in technology, solving complex problems.

I don’t feel like the same software engineer that I was when I started. I feel confident and competent in my everyday job. I pick up complex tickets that challenge me and complete them on time with a great deal of independence.” - James

Hear more about how James got started at DraftKings on our tech blog!