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Intern Spotlight: Jennifer Roh

DraftKings Life

Jennifer Roh (2)

Meet Jennifer, who joined us in Summer 2021 to intern on our Software Engineer team, says the best part of her internship was the friendship and skills her mentors helped her build.


Jennifer Roh, Software Engineer Intern, recently graduated from Boston University with a Computer Science Major and Visual Arts Minor. This summer, she worked on full stack development for UserHub and tickets to better the platform’s user experience.

Part of why Jennifer enjoyed the DraftKings experience is the way that people are empowered to achieve results. “At DraftKings, people are encouraged to actively speak up and contribute to company meetings and initiatives, which allows employees to make an impact,” she said.

She emphasized that her manager, William Lee, and her mentor, Yanran Ma, both Senior Software Engineers of Customer Platform, have been instrumental in empowering her to accelerate her growth as a software engineer this summer.

“William has really helped me grow my passion for development and mold my mind to think more like a software engineer,” she said. “He walked me through best coding practices, taught me how I can improve my coding skills outside of work, and how to navigate coding roadblocks. For me, Yanran has been my best emotional support throughout this internship. She helped to onboard me and always immediately responds to my questions; she has been the best buddy I could've asked for this summer. One of the biggest highlights for me this summer was getting the opportunity to get to know and work with William and Yanran.”


If you're interested in joining the DraftKings Engineering intern program, learn more about our opportunities here.