Principal Software Engineer, Gaming

Boston, MA

We’re reimagining sports and technology. 
DraftKings is bringing sports fans closer to the games they love and becoming an essential part of their experience in the process. An industry pioneer since our founding in 2012, we believe we can continue to define what it means to be a technology company in sports entertainment. We love what we do and we think you will too.   

The vision behind the game.   
We’re growing rapidly. As a Principal Software Engineer at DraftKings, you’ll be a leader within  the organization, delivering highly scalable software systems and collaboratively setting the  direction of your team. This isn’t just a technical role, though. You will have the opportunity to  develop the talented engineers on your team and help them achieve their own potential.  

What you'll Do as a Principal Software Engineer

  • Solve our most challenging technical problems 
  • Design and code critical aspect of our platform 
  • Develop the technical roadmaps for technologies, platforms, and domains 
  • Mentor talented engineers who look to you for guidance through design reviews and  more casual technical Lunch & Learns 
  • Establish strategies and approaches that help your team produce scalable and  fault-tolerant systems to solve business needs 

What skills you will use:

  • Experience and expertise in building scalable, fault-tolerant systems 
  • Your history of developing strong relationships with business partners 
  • Exceptional object-oriented programming skills with a modern OO language like C# or  Java (we use C#) 
  • Strong relational database design skills paired with the ability to craft SQL that can  access that database in a safe way (we use Amazon’s Aurora variant of MySQL) 
  • Your strong understanding of unit and automation testing 
Who are we a good fit for?  
We love working with talented people but more than that, we seek out compassionate co-workers with a collaborative spirit. Our work moves quickly and we’re great at coming together to find creative solutions to some of tech’s most interesting problems. If that sounds good to you, join us.  

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We’re proud to believe that your gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, status as a protected veteran, or status as an individual with a disability should have nothing to do with our hiring practices. We’ll never discriminate against anyone’s background or creed. If you’re good at what you do, we want you to do it at DraftKings.

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