Our Story

It all started when Matt Kalish presented the idea of leveraging the passion for season-long fantasy drafts by turning it into a daily model to Jason Robins and Paul Liberman. Jason took the lead on market research, while Paul set to work on developing the website and Matt created a daily fantasy sports contest model. Armed with a love of sports, the three worked nights and weekends out of Paul’s guest bedroom until they jumped in with both feet in 2011, leaving their day jobs to work full time on DraftKings. The initial platform officially launched in 2012.

DraftKings has grown explosively and achieved remarkable success ever since. We now have over 300 employees, three offices and an international presence. We have grown our product to offer contests in 11 sports and continue to innovate by adding new sporting genres like eSports.

At DraftKings we are passionate about the work we do, the products we create and the experiences we deliver to our players.

The Bulls of the ‘90s, the Oilers of the ‘80s, the Celtics of the ‘60s, all have attributes in common: they play with passion, they aim to be better every game, they support and lead each other through losses and to glory. DraftKings operates as a championship team: crafting a better product every day, innovating with passion and supporting each other as both leaders and teammates.