WE’RE transforming the way people experience sports!


This is what we’re all about, the pieces that make us DraftKings


Our players trust that we consistently go above and beyond in everything we do. We’re wired to care and dedicated to delivering excellence.


We are insatiably curious. We’re always listening for feedback and think outside the box to evolve based on what we hear.


We intrinsically understand our players. We get the lifestyle because we live it, too.


Everything we touch is treated with the same devotion and attention to detail to ensure excellence. We are proud to put the DraftKings name on everything we do.


DraftKings amplifies every sports experience. Playing on DraftKings engages people into more and different sports.


Sporting events bring people together in unprecedented ways, and so does DraftKings.


Two heads are better than one. We work in an open space that encourages teamwork to make the best possible product.


Play for our team and you’ll get more than just a paycheck!

Our health insurance covers your pearly whites and peepers, and the rest of you too!
Our kitchen’s stocked with healthy snacks and we reimburse part of your gym memberships to help you stay in tip-top shape!

We want your life to be a little easier.
Convenience perks range from commuter benefits and ZipCar discounts to in-office pampering with manis, pedis, a barber and chair massages, and in-office flu shots!

We take our work seriously but not ourselves.
Create an office rivalry in the game room, attend company events like “Chalk Talks” with pro coaches, get to know new faces with catered appetizers on Fridays and more fun events!

We know sometimes things come up and are flexible with our informal sick and vacation time.
Both our New York and Boston offices are relaxed environments: we’re not anti-suit, just pro-denim.

All employees have a stake in our success.
You’re set up for the future with performance-based bonuses. Highest-performing employees are rewarded with future stock option grants in addition to those received when hired.

Right in the heart of the world’s best sports city...
...And the second best

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